Originally formed as an outreach of the New Hope Brethren in Christ Church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, The Partnership for Hope looked to connect people in need to programs that were truly helpful in bringing emotional, physical, and spiritual health. As such the leadership of New Hope Church created new ministries to address childhood obesity, addiction recovery, physical fitness, the care of senior adults, family-based counseling, and other supports.

In the process of creating new programs, New Hope Church’s leadership appealed to the personal and vocational experiences of its people.  In situations where individuals were already volunteering with another community organization, ministry, or government agency and when that organization appeared to exhibit responsible governance and a mission that was consistent with New Hope Church’s goals of improving the holistic health of the people in its community, leadership sought to foster an expanded collaboration with that organization, promoting its programs and guiding and resourcing small groups of people into volunteer service. (Examples: in lieu of creating a new program, The Partnership for Hope recruited volunteers for and advertised the existing ‘meals on wheels’ and transportation services of the Dauphin County Area Agency on Aging. In launching a nationally recognized, faith-based recovery program called Celebrate Recovery New Hope Church/The Partnership for Hope worked with other local churches to jointly host events and to stagger group meetings so those recovering from substance abuse could better sustain their rehabilitation by attending a Celebrate Recovery session more than once a week.)

As collaborations fostered by The Partnership for Hope began to grow and demonstrate an effectiveness in improving the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of people in its community and as volunteers outside New Hope Church sought to volunteer for and work with The Partnership for Hope, senior leadership began the process of incorporating the organization as an independent organization. Since its incorporation in August, 2010, The Partnership for Hope continues to work with other local organizations, community ministries, educational institutions, and government agencies to create new initiatives and improve existing community services.